Using Your Audio Ape Pro

How to load and format music for your standalone player.

The Audio Ape Pro has its own built-in music player, which eliminates the need for any additional hardware like iPads or computers.
The standalone music player on the Audio Ape Pro has the fundamental live show playback functions.
It can play music tracks, pause, fade out and cue up next track, FF, RW, control volume all with great visuals.

Why MIDI control is the professional choice to control your show.

MIDI controls are vastly superior to using keyboard commands.
While MIDI commands work on all devices, the application you are using must support MIDI control.
Some of the top show apps like Audio Ape Pro, QLab, Go Button, SCS, OBS and more use MIDI.

How to edit your stand-alone playlists without a laptop.

The SD stand-alone player on Audio Ape Pro is wonderful, but editing tracks without a laptop can be tricky...until now.
In this video we show you how to create new playlists, add music, and rename and reorder your music tracks. All without a laptop.


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