Massive Power

Never has a remote been so powerful. We are 5x the range of all the leading competitors. That power coupled with military grade interference protection make this an absolute beast of a remote.

2.8” Touch Screen

Advanced features are awesome. Hunting through users manuals figuring out how to use them is not. This touch interface makes using Audio Ape Pro's powerful features quick, intuitive and oh so simple.

WiFI Updates

Simply login to a local wifi network on the Audio Ape's touchscreen then click update, the unit will update to the newest features and software. Hey your smart phone can do this, now your show remote can too!

Built-in Music Player

Don’t want to set-up an iPad or computer? This simple but powerful music player has your show music control covered. Controls like play, pause, fade to stop, volume control, FF, RW, and more.

Swiss Army of Control

Connect to Android, PC, Apple, iOS and Linux. Send any keyboard stroke, music control (play, stop, volume, etc) or MIDI command, all from your Audio Ape Pro.

Command Confirmation

Your remote will send its command to the receiver and then the receiver talks back to the remote to confirm receipt. This all happens at the speed of light and lights a green LED on your handheld remote.

Global Commands

Say hello to the only remote on the market to offer global commands via MIDI. Global commands don't need your show app to be in focus (at the forefront) to receive your sent commands. QLab, Go Button, Audio Ape, Show Cues System and many other professional apps use MIDI global commands.

HD Audio Output

Enjoy immersive audio quality with up to 24 bit- 92kHz audio playback. Use the headphone port in stand alone mode or as an external sound card.

Fully Customizable

We know everyone's show needs are unique. So we've made an ultra flexible way to create your commands the way you want them. Map any Keyboard stroke, Music control (Play, FF, Volume, etc) or MIDI command to any button.

Multiverse of Remotes

Another one-of-a-kind feature we are including is separate button mapping for each paired remote. Yes you can pair up to 20 remotes and assign them their own unique button configuration. So you can have 20 remotes tied to one receiver all with different commands.

Fast Pairing

Pairing a new remote has never been easier. Simply use the touch screen to pair a new remote. Then one push of a button on the back of the handheld remote and they find each other and sync in seconds. No more messing with dip switches or sending your remote in to be paired.


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