UnBalanced Magic Effect

UnBalanced was Puck's closer at the world-famous Magic Castle. The props performed flawlessly for over 20 shows and received glowing reviews.

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Wizard's Magic review give it
two perfect scores of 100/100

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Review in Vanish by Paul Romhany

My Thoughts:
I've owned and performed most of the balance type effects marketed and this is the most superior version I've owned. Other than the mechanics of this, the fact that it falls down under your command is what separates this from any other version out there. 


If Audio Ape is involved then you know it is extremely well made and something beyond what we have ever seen before. Without giving the method away I can say that everything is built in to various gimmicks that are hidden in plain sight, and there are certain ways you know if the gimmick is turned on or not.

The Impact:
I have performed this now in several shows and the reaction is the best I've ever had for any of the balance type routines. There are many natural gasp moments in this routine from the moment everything is balanced on the candle, taking the candle away and now it is all balancing by itself, the straw spinning on the ball and the final collapse.


Because there is advanced technology involved the method is incredibly easy to do. This means you can focus on your presentation without any worry of it not working or thread breaking. When I perform I have to feel 100% confident that everything will work, especially electronic effects.

Hands down THE BEST balance effect on the market. It's EASY to do, has several WOW moments and can make for a really great routine. They have pushed the boundaries of anything that has come before and taken it to the edge or innovation.


Shipping now!

From the creators of Wishes and Audio Ape comes the Holy Grail of balance effects, UnBalanced!

Imagine the power of stacking and balancing several random objects in an impossible manner and then make them fall apart scattering to the floor with a simple snap of the finger.

Everything is self-contained and completely under your control at all times. This is the final answer to the balanced magic trick premise and the perfect addition for the stand-up or stage performer.

UnBalanced also lends itself well to motivational speakers or any entertainer looking to create a message or add an emotional feel to their performance.

The effect is easy to do and works flawlessly so you can concentrate solely on your performance. The effect comes with everything needed to present this minor miracle and is ready to perform right out of the box. 

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