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Zoe Georgaras

Audio Ape has brought my show to the next level. Music/audio used to stress me out, but now I am at ease knowing my audio ape is doing the work for me. Plus, they had fantastic customer service when I had an issue with my remote.


Luyah Ndwandwe

Super amazing platform, easy to use and quick withdrawal. I have been using this platform together with the most recommended Forex strategy on the internet from Mrs Sandra Billy FX. and so far i have no complains, making close to $7000-$15000 on a weekly basis. She is really great, best in her field and unique among others. i am thankful and want you all to partake from her good works.


Billy Diamond

The best system available for the solo performer...hands down. It out outshines the competition on many many levels. It's the most reliable system out there so that you can focus on your show and not have to worry about the tech side near as much. You can also check out my podcast episode on this product. This is a totally unpaid endorsement because the product is just sooooo good! This is one of my most popular podcast episodes. You can find "BFE Episode 34 - Live Sound & Tech Talk: It’s part of the brand experience" with a simple Google search for The Branding For Entertainers Podcast. Or, listen anywhere you listen to podcasts. Having great sound that works in a show is part of your audiences brand perception. Have a great show with flawless audio to match!


Larry Wilson

This is a game changer-- smaller, more powerful, more user-friendly, more dependable. I'm delighted with my new Audio Ape Pro. I use it in Stand Alone mode and it's TINY. I don't see why I'd need anything else. The remotes are very intuitive. I've been using the power bank for 3 hours now and there's been no loss of functionality. Goodbye power cords. Would you pay a $100 a month to have a Sound Engineer play every single one of your cues perfectly? Buy Audio Ape and after the first year your cues will be played for free.

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Adam Kariotis

The best remote in the biz by a mile! My cue fires every single time I push that button, without fail. Thanks for an amazing product, Charles. Worth every penny and then some!


Nick Paul

I got my Audio Ape Pro last month, and have since used it in over 35 shows with zero issues. Works great! I’m using it with QLAB.


Cyril Takayamanawinskybergenstein

Finally upgraded to Audio Ape Pro... Why did I wait soooooo long? Regardless, it's never too late. Haven't used it in real world yet but I have a feeling this is gonna be great for a LOT of future events of mine! Thanks guys!


Bara Jonson

We ordered our Audio Ape Pro on May 2 to be shipped to us in Sweden and.. it was already delivered today!! Amazing service!! Thank you so much! We just tried it out and it seems to work perfectly. It’s just what we’ve been searching for! Again, thank you!


Richard Kennedy

I just received this a few days ago and it's been amazing. At first it seemed daunting, but if you watch the videos you'll figure it out. Love this. Best investment so far this year.

Donal Chayce

Prior to getting an Audio Ape I had used everything from an iJet to a bulky Bluetooth remote, all of which had a very limited range, cut out frequently, and worked sporadically at best. I purchased an Audio Ape 2.0 in 2016 and I couldn’t be happier with it! I have three different sound equipment setups, and the one common element in all three is my Audio Ape – it works flawlessly and has been all but trouble free. Indeed, the (very) few problems I did encounter early on were all virtually user error and not the fault of the equipment. It’s been so reliable that I can’t imagine ever using any other remote. Equally important, Audio Ape’s customer service has been incredibly prompt, wonderfully friendly, and exceptionally knowledgeable. Even 4+ years later the Audio Ape team continues to go above and beyond the call of duty in assisting this very happy purchaser.

John George

I used Audio Ape until I went virtual. I now use Media Monkey. It allows me to control videos, music, lighting, and PTZ cameras all while performing magic. Its amazing. Most people think I have several people in my studio during my shows- but I am flying solo thanks to Media Monkey.

Dan Candell

Just got my new audio ape pro, and I can't wait to test it out! I had formerly used the older version of the audio ape and loved it, so I upgraded to the pro version. Before I started using the audio ape, I was using a Bluetooth extender which would skip, lose connection, and easily get interrupted. Now, I don't have to worry about any of that! My first show with the new audio ape pro is in 2 weeks, I can't wait to use it!

Eric Walton

I've been using AudioApe in my shows for about two years now and it has been a game-changer. I love having complete control over my sound cues and being able to run my sound from my pocket. I highly recommend AudioApe to anyone looking for a reliable and robust cuing system.

Gunther Guinée 

It has been a long waiting time but it was worth waiting for. I have received my equipment, put it into action immediately and it is amazingly good and easy to use 😍

Rob Holladay

Charles!!! I returned home from a week of shows and my new Audio Ape Pro was waiting on me! When I opened the box it was talking to me … wondering why I took so long to get home and power it up. Dude… I am so pleased! It is miles ahead of the older version. I have the original Audio Ape and it still works. But this unit is awesome! Love it! Worth the wait! Can’t wait to use it in my shows! Robb Holladay

Vince Romanelli

The product is a god send in the world of remote triggering. Not only is it perfectly designed - it's incredibly reliable and going to work with all the updates apple throws out there. 🙂 12/10!

Gordon Drayson

If you are thinking of getting an Audio Ape - then I just spoke to Charles Peachock and his customer support is amazing - don't give it another moment's thought - just go buy it, the product is great and the customer service is even better.

Paul Naas

You wanted the best, well you got the best with audio ape period.

Michael Carbonaro

The Audio Ape and Media Monkey systems are the sexiest remotes I’ve seen. We recently used our Media Monkey to fire a series of audio and lighting cues in a hidden-camera setting on The Carbonaro Effect and it never failed…. not to mention, I looked like a superhero among my crew of many tech whizzes. Highly recommended!

Shawn Farquhar

Audio Ape is without a doubt the only system I have encountered that makes me feel secure to use in my professional performances. So often I see artists struggle to get their remotes to respond on other systems and that constant pushing on their pant pocket to get the cue to work and continue the show has always made me cringe. I highly recommend Audio Ape as I’ve not seen anything as great as this before. -shawn farquhar

Derek Hughes

I do a lot of back-to-back one nighters. When air and ground transportation monopolize my time every single second counts. Audio Ape and the Audio Ape pro-case have been priceless in saving those precious seconds. My current tech rider is lights, a working handheld microphone, and an xlr input for my Audio Ape. Soundcheck is that easy. Polished sound cues have turned my “act” into a “show”. The reliability of my Audio Ape equipment frees my mind to be fully present and confident with each and every audience, night after night after night.

Chipper Lowell

For those who don’t know me, I tour every year, with my own solo show at theaters, performing arts centers, casino showrooms, etc. I also tour from time to time with other production shows like “Masters Of Illusion – LIVE!” throughout the U.S. and Canada. I can’t say enough GREAT THINGS about the new control system, which handles ALL of my QLAB cues. It is robust, well built, solid, trustworthy, and lastly, it gives me real ‘peace of mind’ while I’m onstage performing, knowing all of my technical cues are handled with perfection, “behind the scenes”. (This is SO important to me, as I can’t be ‘worried’ about things while I’m giving a 110% during a performance.) The distance on this while using the remote is INSANE.

Marc Savard

As many of you may know, I have a show on the Las Vegas Strip 6 nights a week and have for the past 11 years and teach hypnosis and hypnotherapy to 1000’s of students from around the world.

I was tired of new sound guys rolling in that have no experience with my show and missing cues. That’s unacceptable for a Vegas show. So I switched over to Audio Ape. Surprise surprise, the sound guy doesn’t miss cues anymore, cause the sound guy is ME! Ha!

Peter Samelson

In a nutshell:
“The audio Ape is the remote control I’ve been waiting for. It is rugged, dependable, and simple to use. It functions perfectly with the wide range of music programs available. Simply put, it’s my first choice, and there is nothing that even comes close.”

In depth:
Music is critical in my performances, forming a sound-track for the show. For years, I was assured a sound-person at every show, whether house staff or someone on mine. When the venues changed, and shows demanded more efficiency and less rehearsal time, I began controlling my own music. There were limited options with varying degrees of reliability and ease of use. An iPad is a great platform with programs such as Show Cues allowing easy playlist changes and simple controls. The weak point was always having a reliable remote. That has changed.

Jeff Evason

We’ve been using remote-controlled music in our show since 1996. Some of our friends have been raving about Audio Ape, so we decided to check it out. We’re glad we did! The learning curve has been easy and support and service from Charles has been exceptional. Setup is a breeze. We’ve never been disappointed by a dropped signal, even when placed in the control booth at the back of a theater. The simple, rugged and bullet proof design should provide for a long life on the road. And compared with our previous devices, we love having less weight to carry and more space available in our suitcase! Things have sure come a long way since our first mini-disc player. There are hundreds of monkeys but there is only one Audio Ape!

Barry Friedman

Everything about this product redefines the expectation for show automation.

It’s the new Gold Standard, and I know that because I used different versions of the old Gold Standard since 1996.

The Audio Ape, paired with the Go Button Pro app, has spoiled me rotten as far as on the fly set list changes, visual queuing, tactile feedback, range, simplicity, redundancy, sound quality, and customer service.

If you think it’s too expensive, you haven’t used it yet. One show and you’d give anything to have had this from the beginning. My highest recommendation.

Plus you can drive your car over it anytime you want. It’ll still love you.

Geno DeVille

I’m writing this post as a complete endorsement, anyone whose knows me, knows I have a very large tour show with a full team of techs behind me which Im grateful to say allows me the best working environment possible. Stage management, perfect sound and lighting cues, so work life is easy.

Last night I was on a solo show without my team. 1000 people in a hotel ballroom with the sound desk at the back of the room. I got to use for the first time my new Audio Ape system. It was incredible, during the event the 1000 guests were playing a staged game on a wifi signal and shaking phones, there were 12 radio mics being used so the radio frequencies flying round the room were insane, Audio Ape didn’t care. I clicked the button and my cues started and stopped instantly from a good 50 meters from the stage.

Darren Sarsby

This system has listerally changed my show. The fact I no longer have to rely on a sound technician to learn the show means I can make the playlists as complicated as I like and not worry! Truly amazing, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Also, Charles is great to deal with, fantastic communication and excellent customer service. I tell everyone I can to buy this system! It’s amazing!

Kevin Patrick

I have been an audio ape fan since purchasing my unit. It’s always reliable and allowed me to add sound cues to my show when everything I used in the past didn’t quite make the cut. I perform about 120 shows per year and this has never failed me yet.

I should add that the customer service is exceptional. I recently had a minor issue and they fixed it instantly for me. No loss of service and I’m able to continue with my reliable cues.

Thanks Charles!

John MW

It is hard for me to leave a review without being redundant to the rest of the reviews… That having been said, READ NO FURTHER! If you support Charles Peachock, he won’t let you down. This is a real person behind the scenes and he wants to help raise the bar for full-time performers. ***This is NOT some lame consumer level product being relabeled with a crazy profit margin.*** NOT ONE BIT. I have shown this to as many of my tech friends as possible and they’ve all dropped their jaws at the attention to detail and the great lengths that have been traveled to produce this PROFESSIONAL GRADE tech solution.

Tim Pressley

I’ve been using my Audio Ape for about two weeks now and it is easily the best investment I’ve ever made in my show. It’s worth every penny!

I’ve already been showing it off to my other magician buddies.

Thank you for not compromising quality to get this on the market faster.

Sean Gerrity

The Edge Effect has been using Audio Ape’s Media Monkey for over a month now and our show automation has reached amazing new heights! Stability is key here and we can fire our cues from the back of a 1500 seat theater with no lag or communication issues whatsoever. This is a game changer for acts that need more control over their cues. We’ve never had a misfire. Not once! That alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

Kostya Kimlat

Using the Media Monkey to control software on the Mac and loving it. It’s professional and dependable and gives me the confidence to know that all of the technical aspects of my show will run as planned. Thank you for a great product.

Chad Juros

After years and years of using alternative remotes I decided to purchase Audio Ape. Now I can finally say I feel comfortable that I have a great devise that I will be using for years to come that is fast, reliable and never fails to work perfectly with every push of the button.

Carl Andrews

AudioApe is the best remote available by a long shot. Now when used with Show Cues App, I have the best software and the best hardware for my shows!

Al Moessinger

Love the Monkey – it never lets you down. You don’t have to pay it. It doesn’t forget ques. Works with different remote software right out of the box. Have been using “Show Cues” App a great program. Now moving to “Go Button” App for some of the extra features. Audio Ape works with both with no set up.
Works all the time – You will need to feed it, a banana after the show!

David Garrity

It took years to find a suitable replacement for the iCue2 unit I was using. Most units were large and used a ton of proprietary connections or the remotes weren’t reliable enough for applications in large rooms or theaters.

Audio Ape with Go Button is the best solution!! Being able to see the actual track name as opposed to just numbers is such an improvement. Often, the show is customized to the event so having Go Button display the track names ensures I am on the correct track before I trigger.

The Audio Ape remote is very reliable at long ranges and in places like theaters where there can be a lot of RF interference floating around from power amps, lighting dimmer packs. etc.

The two work together perfectly and it’s a pleasure to use them in a show!

Bill Cook

For the longest time I was a fan of a competitor device using an iPad and a smart watch to control my music. Media Monkey has revolutionized how I perform on stage. “Plug and Play,” “Simple and Reliable,” “Clutch performer.” To be honest, the words “Simple and Reliable” don’t do this system justice.

It is SO reassuring to know that I don’t have to worry about my tech not working when I’m balancing remembering audience member names, mem-deck work, scripts, routines, AND keeping the audience entertained.

Media Monkey and QLab are the best investments I’ve made for my show in years, and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. BUY IT NOW!

Harrison Greenbaum

I love my Audio Ape so much. It’s rock solid, has a ridiculous range, and the customer service has been seriously unbeatable. If I had to decide between my Audio Ape and my kid, I would go with the Audio Ape every time. (That might also have to do with the fact that I don’t have a kid.) If you’re a pro and you want something you can depend on (plus the customer service to back it up if anything ever goes awry), you can’t do any better than the Audio Ape — it’s must-have gear and I can’t recommend it more highly! (But seriously, Charles, can I have my fake kid back now?

Kevin Ridgeway

We have been using Audio Ape for several years now in our Lady Houdini show and Media Monkey for several months. The both have worked flawlessly for us. The best part is they work 100% of the time.
During our show there are several tracks that start out very quietly. In the past, before Audio Ape, I would have to really listen to see if the signal I sent via the remote actually worked. With Audio Ape and Media Monkey, I can keep my focus on the show, knowing that the remote has done its job, even when I can’t hear the track. I highly recommend both products!

Josh Casey

Audio Ape is the remote system I’ve been waiting for to reliably run GoButton. I never felt I could 100% count on any of the other systems I’ve used over the past 17 years. That’s over now with Audio Ape, and it feels amazing.

I can plugin my iPad during sound check, walk away and come back hours later, walk on stage knowing I’m good to go. Or I might add a track just before the show. I can literally walk over to the Audio Ape, seconds before going on stage, plug in and I’m instantly running cues. Zero waiting, synching, worrying or second guessing anything.

It’s solid, reliable and it simply works. Every time. The Audio Ape lives up to the hype.

Brad Montgomery

Fantastic product.. I’ve been using different products for 20 years, starting with Radio Shack and the $2500 ShowTek (which I LOVED!)
But this thing has a great remote (which is more important than you’d guess) with a great feel and design.
More importantly it has great range and has been totally accurate.

The final thing it has is ease of use. The fact that it works with iOS is super easy. I’m WILLING to leave iOS to get something that works, but having it in a version I can understand easily was a nice bonus.

Well done!

Jett Skrien

FANTASTIC! The ultimate best remote system. Period. Great customer service and killer fast shipping. 1000% Recommended.

Fredrik Stenström

Reliable audio system that exceeded my expectations!

Aaron Bonk

Love it! By far the best remote I’ve ever seen. Rugged, reliable, awesome.

Daniel Schaffer

I just finished my first show with Audio Ape, by far the best show I’ve ever done on the technical side, absolutely no missed cues, the music functioned perfectly and I was able to focus on my show because the music I didn’t have to worry about. I modified my remote to use as an ankle switch and it worked beautifully.

Thank you

Iam Stewart

I’ve used many different products to control my show music. None of the systems I tried are even in the same category as the Ape. Never a missed cue, easy setup, and also one of the most affordable options I’ve tried.

IMO when it comes to controlling show music, there is no other option for the professional!

Tyzen Paley

I’ve been performing live shows for 30 years now. I’ve gone from tape cassettes to CD players, laptops, Icue2s and now I can say I’m an AUDIO APE fan for life!

My show can be extremely spontaneous for the most part and it’s important that I’m able manipulate my tracks as it moves forward. Audio Ape is an extremely precise and reliable device for live performance cues. Your performance is literally in the palm of your hands. You won’t have to rely on someone to fire your music on time or guess what’s happening next. Audio Ape will make you look seamless and tight!

The remote has fantastic range and doesn’t need to be aimed at the receiver. I feel totally at ease knowing when the remote button “clicks” my command is sent. I’ve never missed a cue yet.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the creator of Audio Ape. He was incredibly nice and very passionate about the product.

Audio Ape is just what this industry needed!


Derek Bolingbroke

As a Hypnotist performing regularly on cruise ships you can image the challenge of trying to teach a new sound guy all 30+ sound cues for your show in a 30 min sound check….Audio Ape allows me to role into any sound check and be almost instantly ready for the show.

A Hypnosis show is constantly changing as we never really know what the volunteers are going to do, Audio Ape gives me full control over the show and has never missed a cue!

I was so happy with this product I also bought Media Monkey and carry both products with me so I always have a backup.

Definitely a game changer!

Thanks Guys,
Hypnotist Derek Marshall

Tim Gaines

I received my Audio Ape remote on Friday and it was operating within minutes of opening the box. I really like how immediate the response it from the remote. When you push the button it immediately starts the music it which ever command you give. I am using with an iPad 2 and show cues. I was using an iJet remote.
I also sent a question by email and received a text reply within five minutes of sending the email.
Very impressed and ready to put into my show.

Tom Crowl

When Charles first told me about the Audio Ape I knew based on his reputation alone it would be amazing. The unit exceeded my expectations. In the past I have purchased multiple remote systems. None stands up to the quality and responsiveness of the Audio Ape. I highly recommend you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Rich Hurley

I have used just about every bluetooth and RF remote on the market with various degrees of success. My Audio Ape is the first to work with 100% accuracy. it’s bullet proof. I had a minor customer service issue but the support and response I got was personal, fast and second to none. Audio Ape has my highest recommendation. These guys get it!

Stan Sieler

I received my Audio Ape today … looks nice and is well built. I tested the unit from 30 yards away, and it worked perfectly. The support is friendly and answers email quickly (thanks!).

Dale K Kitchen

When I need audio remotely from my iOS device this is my goto. Bluetooth might work for practice at home but it’s not an option in the real world in various venues. For those of you that think BT is something special….do yourself a favor and get an Audio Ape simply as a back up even. The day will come when BT will let you down and Audio Ape will save the day. If using music is not your thing…it should be. Audience’s attention spans are getting shorter….Audio Ape is an easy solution. Wish it was here 25 yrs ago when I was using a boom box and a remote the size of a loaf of bread. Thanks Charles!!!

Bob Cates

I’ve been spoiled most of my performing career with a full time sound woman (my wife). However, there are some gigs that I have been starting to do alone, and relying on a sound man is very hit or miss. We’ve all been there – having our sound cues so messed up we have to perform angry.
Audio Ape has been a perfect solution for me. I’ve only ever used one other remote system (a cheap Schoche system that would sometimes not even work 50 feet across and EMPTY room! or when it was right at the side of the stage).
I’ve used the Audio Ape now for many shows, including on cruise ships and it’s never missed a cue. I even tried firing it from the balcony of the theatre and it still worked.
No more waiting to be introduced at the back of the room, and wondering if your play on cue is going to work!
The buttons are clicky and the receiver is small and can ever work on battery power. Very solid. What’s not to like?
Charles has really done something special for the performing community.
Do yourself a favour, if you need a remote, this one will do the job nicely.!

Stuart Turner

What can I say! This is a work of art. As a performer who is also a ‘techie’, I know how important it is to have reliable sound cues coming from reliable equipment. For performers on the road this is a joy to set up & use, and totally reliable.
Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but I’ve tried various devices and wouldn’t rely on those for my cues, which are critical to my show.
This is beautifully built, with real thought gone into what a performer might need. And on top of that, Charles is a great bloke too.
If you use music or effects in your show – and need something solid and reliable, don’t look any further. It’s 5 stars from here in London!

Austin Brooks

Within the first 30 seconds of opening the package, I knew this was the remote cueing system I have been waiting for. I have owned them all over the last 15 years. Unlike other products in life, a product like this has to get it 100% right and anything less will make you search for a different solution which has been my story until now.

Here was my checklist for finding the perfect system and Audio Ape answers all of them

Quick plug and play set up: Check
No Lost connection issues: Check
Same workflow in a small club or big theater: Check
Has long range in case I need to place it in the sound booth at a theater: Check
Receiver runs on battery: Check
Pack small and doesnt add weight for travel: Check
Remote unit is easy to use without looking at it: Check
Durable and will stand up to many shows: Check (from initial build quality)
Big Display to see my cues: Check (uses ios device)
Highly Customize Track Settings: Check ( Carl Andrew’s Show Cues)

You can tell this was created by someone who does tons of shows because he has seemed to alleviate all of the stress points and aggravations of past systems. Now I can focus on my show and not have that little thought always in the back of my mind, will my sound work tonight?

If you are tired of half measures and compromises, then I would give this system a serious look.

Don Townsend

Audio Ape is incredible! There is absolutely no latency in the response time, it works first time every time, from any distance and is a pro entertainers dream. I even love the fact that it is in a metal housing and feels substantial and protected. Thank for putting in the time to make Audio Ape the absolute best!

Michael Bourada

I’ve owned every system, from MP3 tech to others and this is without question the best. Not even a doubt about it. It was more than worth the wait and will be in my show for years. Really happy with it – worth every penny!

Nathan Coe Marsh

I’ve used most of the professional show control solutions on the market, nothing comes close to Audio Ape for range, responsiveness, reliability, ease of packing , durability, and the ability to choose any app. Every detail has been thought out by someone who understands the needs of professionals. This is top level gear for those who need to know it will work every time. My highest recommendation.

Rob Thompson

Audio Ape Remote is Hands down the BEST cuing device on the planet.
Solid construction. It’s made of metal, not plastic, so it should be durable for years. Every aspect of what this remote needs to do has been thought through and tested repeatedly. It is intuitive to use and set-up. I was up and running within about 2 minutes of opening the package.
The remote buttons are not ‘mushy’ like so many other system using the key fob style remotes. They are raised and have a tactic and audible click when pushed so you don’t have to wonder if you sent the signal.
These guys went the extra miles to make sure the device is Apple compliant and FCC approved!
Most important, Customer Service is way over the top!!

Dennis W. Wilson

I have used three other systems and this is absolutely the best. It is so easy to operate and is extremely compact. I can’t do without it!!

Joshua Seth

I’ve watched Charles Peachock build this system from the ground up. His attention to detail, quality, and usability for the working pro is second to none. He’s a professional touring performer himself so he understands what we need when we’re onstage and he’s more than delivered. This system is bulletproof, has amazing range, and offers features I didn’t even know I was missing (but now love!). I’ve owned lots of audio cuing devices over the years and I can tell you this is hands down the best. If you’re on the fence about getting one because you already use something or don’t think you need it then at least take advantage of the 90 day trial period so you can give it a workout in your show and see for yourself. As a mentalist, I predict you’ll end up keeping it

Jackie Smagala-Potts

We used Audio Ape for our Universal Orlando internal talent show and it made the show a complete success. It allowed me as the producer to control the show flawlessly. There is no other product out there that compared to this one. The customer service I received was professional and way above and beyond any customer service I might have received from a bigger company. The hardware was easy to use and worked exactly as advertised. We have nothing but great things to say about Audio Ape!!
Jackie Potts – Programmer Analyst – Parks Technology – Universal Orlando

Tim Sonefelt

I must say I was skeptical of all the hype. Even with that, Audio Ape has over delivered! With multiple performances most days, I don’t have time to troubleshoot problems. No need for that with the Ape! I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but have put it through its paces. I can already say it’s the most reliable system I’ve ever used – and I’ve used most of them. Great job Audio Ape!

Sean Bergin

Plug it into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and it starts working with OneTrack, instantly. Very solidly built and so far 100% reliable. If this is in your price range then it’s hard to fault it.

Jonathan Levit

Finally. That’s the word. Finally. A system that is compact, rock solid, and just simply works! I use my Audio Ape in conjunction with GoButton and I couldn’t be happier with the control and peace of mind! Last minute changes are a breeze and controlling it all remotely is literally at my fingertips!

Michael Messing

What can I say about the Audio Ape Remote – It’s everything it’s advertised to be! I started with a basic on/off remote for a cassette deck more than 20 years ago and have used numerous remote systems since (three different Virtual Soundman units, two custom remote MiniDisc systems, an iJet NAV with an iPod Nano, and an iJet NAV with an iPod Touch.) The Audio Ape Remote is the first one I felt completely comfortable with from the very first show.

All the other remotes I used required getting used to how long you had to press the remote buttons (too short a press and the music wouldn’t be triggered, too long a press and they could skip forward.) Not so with the Audio Ape. When I press the button, I know the signal is sent and there’s no worrying if I pressed too long or too short!

I waited to review the Audio Ape Remote until I had used it for several shows. After 8 shows in different venues (some indoors, some outdoors), I haven’t had a single glitch! That’s never happened with my earlier remote systems.

The remote works perfectly with the app I use (OneTrack), is compact, very solidly made, and is everything I could ask for. I recommend it highly!

Frank Thurson

I wanted to give my new Audio Ape the ultimate test! I am currently performing at the 18 day, 2016 Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, CA, and brought my Audio Ape package with me to try out. Yesterday, right out of the package. I jumped right in and used it in a LIVE SHOW!!! Mind you this was the very first time even plugging it in…EVER! Guess what??? It performed FLAWLESSLY!!! Exactly as it should! My only learning curve is that the top and bottom buttons are “Reverse” from my previous Show Cues Remote, but no biggie! This is one AWESOME PRODUCT!!!

Niels Duinker

Love it!

David Reed-Brown


Isaac Lomman

Media Monkey is incredible!

Jeff Scott

I just purchased the Media Monkey and used it with QLab for the first time last week. We ran it hard – 4 shows per day, all in different venues with various setups. The remote worked FLAWLESSLY. I’ve used other systems and this one destroyed them all with simplicity, peace of mind, and reliability. The tactile feedback is incredible! My production company has handled multiple national tours and even events for a head-of-state. This is the only remote device I would trust for such a job!

John Swomley

I give Audio Ape (AA) the highest recommendation. I have the original and, seriously, I have had a wonderful experience with mine. Early on, I thought there might be an issue. My music cues were not all starting on the first beat. Charles P. to the rescue! He immediately tried to duplicate the problem. He showed me his work on “my audio tracks” in a video! He could not duplicate the problem, but his suggestion was to pad the tracks with a minuscule portion of silence. Much of my music had no padding. My issue was RESOLVED when I padded all my music tracks; making sure they each had a .4 (point four) seconds of silence at the beginning.
This was clearly a software issue and not an AA issue, however, Charles was even willing to send me a replacement remote at no cost, even when he absolutely KNEW it wasn’t necessary. That gave me peace of mind, and clearly demonstrates how much he truly cares about customer satisfaction.
I love using this unique device. I get so many compliments on the seamless music use in my show. It’s a mystery to my audiences. And one day I am going to take a picture of the pile of ineffective technology I tried before I found the AA. It’s funny and impressive.

David J Crone

I’ve been using AudioApe since it was initially released. Hands down the best remote music control system I have ever used – and I used to produce one of my own. I gladly tossed that in a drawer in favor of the AudioApe. Simple & reliable. Things I love: Your choice of iPad apps. I use OneTrack most of the time. Super simple. Bonus feature with this combo – I can close the cover on my iPad, which turns off the display, and it still works. The GoButton app is great for those who need even more control and features. This is one of those rare, rock solid pieces of technology that just plain works, every time. Highly recommended.

Brett Bolich

I have never used a remote before. I always wanted to add music to my magic and it is usually expensive beyond expensive.

When I bought my Audio Ape Back in 2016, I was amazed with the pricing as well as the quality. It felt like I bought this from an Apple Store.

Works great with my first generation iPad mini and Show Cues.

Highly recommend this product. Forget the other remotes in this market (or the new remotes entering the market). Just Buy Audio Ape.

Save yourself a lot of time and buy this. You won’t regret it.

Mathew Durham

I just recently started using the audio ape and I have to say guys this is the BEST SYSTEM!!!! It’s easy to use, extremely adaptive to sound people for shows and also very durable. Charles has made one of or if not the best device to have complete control of you show. As a working pro I’d highly recommend audio ape!

John Cassidy

I’ve used a lot of remotes over the years and this is my favorite by far. It is fast versatile and easy to use. Its the only remote system I trust to use when I am performing solo. Its a great product but a great product sometimes is only as good as the customer service behind it and Charles is amazing. I had one small user issue (my fault) and Charles came to my rescue immediately. This is completely worth the investment – don’t hesitate to buy it. I wish everything was made like Media Monkey!

Matt Schick

I recently began using the Media Monkey remote system and could not be more in love with the functionality. As someone who has tried MANY Bluetooth and RF remotes for my show in the past, there is simply nothing as stable and reliable as the Media Monkey. The receiver sets up in seconds, and instantly you have a working remote to run your audio, video, lighting, and other media. The buttons have a great, firm tactile click which I can feel nicely through my pocket – a huge improvement over other remotes. If you are a working professional who runs your own media from onstage, this product is an absolute NEED.

David Ferman

Media Monkey is by far the best investment I’ve made so far in my performing career!

For a while, I refused to use any show automation in fear of the product failing and looking stupid on stage. It was too stressful to deal with. However, when we were making changes to our show, we were looking to put sound, video, and lighting cues into our show without needing to hire people to run all of that.

We knew we would need to control the video and lighting cues in QLab, and that we would use the Audio Ape for our music. But then, Charles came out with Media Monkey! Now, with one click of a remote we can control all three. We’ve used the Media Monkey for audio/light/video cues for several shows now and haven’t missed a single cue. Not only that, we have no anxiety going into our shows that the product will fail or that our cue will not function properly.

We have been asked about “the rest of the people working behind the scenes”, but it’s just my fiance and I on stage, with cue QLab and media monkey taking care of everything backstage! The free iOS app Lab Monkey Audio Ape has created for QLab users is incredible as well. We place the wireless iPad to the front of the stage facing us, and we can always see which cue is next in line, and we can get immediate confirmation that the cue was triggered.

Alan Chamo

My Name is Alan Chamo, I’m a professional Mentalist. I do lots of cruise shows. Every time I would come to a show I had to train a new guy and no matter how good he was, he will always miss a cue.

Looking for a solution I found Audio ape AKA Media Monkey and life on stage changed completely!
I’ve been using in for over 4 years (I still have the first version) and it never fails!

It’s super easy to control and no one notices I’m the one controlling the music. I became the favorite act for sound tech once they hear that the only thing they need to do is control the volume.

Customer service is amazing; By mistake, a sound tech plugged it to a source with phantom power and as a result, he killed the monkey. Audio ape was fast and got me a new one in a few days, no questions asked. (I think that the new version has a protection so this can’t happen any longer)

If you a professional entertainer that uses Music, video, and lights in your show, don’t think twice. Get your monkey to hit your cues on time every time!

Shaun Jay

It’s the best remote system I’ve ever owned! Charles really cares about the delivering a rock solid product and excellent customer service.

Would highly recommend to anyone and willing to make the investment to upgrade their show by leaps and bounds.

Totally worth it!

Tom Davis

Audio Ape is the best system for my professional performances. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!
Tom Davis (Switzerland)

Wm Scott Anderson

I am astounded at the level of customer service from this team! Wonderful product and even more wonderful people!

Maximum Stars!

Erick Olson

The Audio Ape is the best sound cue device on the market bar none, I perform for hundreds of corporate events a year so I need a reliable remote that can go the distance the Ape delivers, and the new Audio Ape App it makes it so easy to add music.

Ran Shine

The reason why professional entertainers use Audio Ape is because professionals only use the best.

Edzui Szumowski

What an awesome addition to everything I do on stage and even off! 5 stars! Great device, great customer service, even like the logo. Buy one now you won’t be disappointed

Glen Foster

I love my Audio Ape.

I am using the GoButton app and it works perfect. Just used it again but this time with a little stand to hold my iPad mini.

It’s worth every penny and tech support is fantastic should you every need it during the learning curve, which is very minimal.

Audio App just helps you take your show to another great level and it gives you total control of music in your show.

I make no money from this posting, but I make money because my show is professional.

Side Note: Because I own the GoButton Pro App, I can have many show orders set up and ready to go. This past client asked me to play so some pre-show music. No problem. I solved their issue with the touch of a button.

I also own Media Monkey for evenarger shows using QLAB.

If you’re looking for a reliable and user friendly audio system for your shows, BUY Audio Ape.

Emiel Lensen

Having used many different sound cuing systems over the years I must say I am truly happy with our AudioApe. We are a dutch Magic duo (Rob and Emiel), we won several prices at FISM, but perform mostly in the netherlands with about 300 show each year. We used Audio Ape for a couple of years with every show. Now we are in the fortunate situation that we have our own technician travelling with us most of the time. But sometimes he needs a vacation or there’s another reason why he can’t be there with all the shows. Then we are very happy we have Audio Ape as our backup system. Highly recommended!

Keith Kong

Audio Ape and Media Monkey are the pro solutions to self cued effects during your show. If you perform in colleges or similar venues, you know that sound technicians aren’t always available and when they are, resources are limited. My Media Monkey has helped me increase the production value that my client receive in a quick and easy, self contained, way. The possibilities are endless and I can’t recommend these remotes highly enough.

Brad Weston

I work at an amusement park and I needed something that would work reliably every time. There are many radios, wireless mics and other types of remote controls on site and I have never had a single instance of crosstalk misfire. The range is truly impressive. Also, the customer service is really really great!

Brian Glow

Absolutely the best system I have ever had or used!
Brian Glow
International Illusionist

Ajay Vora

great product and tremendous after sales service!

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Greg Wauson

The Audio Ape system has been a huge improvement to my magic shows. Remotely controlling the music streamlines the show and maximizes the entertainment value. I had a problem which turned out to be due to a cable. Charles at Audio Ape helped a lot in finding the issue and the system is working rock solid. I highly recommend Audio Ape.

David Ranalli

Audio Ape is the best! I use it every show, and it always works great. Charles goes out of his way to build the most reliable product with the best service. There’s a reason Ape products are used by top touring shows! Don’t delay, invest in your act today.

Eric Carlson

This device is amazing! The most recent upgrade is just stellar. Charles is always prompt in getting back to me with my email questions. I don’t know what I would do without audio ape!!

Jon Armstrong

This is a life changing product that really gives me full control of my show.

It’s easy to use and has been working great since I got it.

I love this device and how much it upgrades all the tech in my show.

Andrew Ratliff

These guys have great and quick customer service. I bought one of their products used from a secondary seller. The seller lost part of the power cord that Audio Ape does not sell on their website anymore. I messaged Audio Ape to buy a replace power block from them directly and they were nice enough to tell me were to source one locally. They didn’t have to do that especially since I didn’t buy the original product from them. I am happy to say I will now be a customer for life and I plan to purchase some additional accessories off of their site in the near future. Thank-you Audio Ape for great products and fantastic customer service!

Joel Ward

I have literally used all the remote control audio systems to run my show and finally AUDIO APE nailed it. I love my Audio Ape! It works every time and the customer service is AMAZING. I highly recommend this product!!!

Scotty Wiese Magic

Best product out there! If you are a professional looking for a reliable audio system to use in your show, look no further. I never perform without Audio Ape, no matter the venue!!

Lieven Gheysen

Finally a 100% reliable remote control! In combination with GoButton this is very comfortable to work with. And great service after the sale too.

Tony Sweetland

Legitimately the best option on the market, plus you can use it with an external battery. Bose S1 pro + audio ape + sennheiser makes my show completely portable.

Shannon Miller

Great product! Great Support! Fast shipping and responses. A+

Jeff Parmer

Finally a solution that actually works! I have tried some of the “toys” out there for cueing your own show music. They have all been sort of a joke. That is until I experienced Audio Ape. It is very reliable, and makes my life so much better as a full time professional performer. The most significant technical advancement in 20 years for any stage performer. Everyone who I show it to wants one.

Sylvia Secptre

Top product and first class customer service! A delight to do business with. too.

Walt Woolbaugh

This is an amazing company. First of all the product is SUPERIOR . It will work from amazing distances and it’s easy to use. Then the service. After a year, for some reason my LED light wasn’t working, I sent it back and they sent me a brand new unit – no charge, and they even included a remote which was programed for the new unit (a $100 value). Their replies were always quick and accurate. I can’t recommend them high enough.

Frank Monaco

Hi Charles,
I received the battery yesterday and everything works perfectly! Thank you so much for the quick response and excellent customer service! Dealing with and using your company and product, has been nothing but Fantastic in every way! Wish all companies were like yours!! Thank you so much!

Kenny Mikey

I have both the Audio Ape and the Media Monkey. LOVE THESE REMOTES! I’ve done venues up to 4,000 people and I go into the audience. And, even though my remote is placed onstage, behind a 9’x12′ video wall, the MM or AA never misses a cue. Also recently played a 1500 seat room where the MM had to be on the 2nd floor, in the light booth, behind thick glass. And, perfect EVERY click! All that, and Charles is an awesome guy with great customer service.

Any OTHER remote I’ve ever owned has given me issues at some point, even ruining an important showcase for me once. With MM and AA, it’s hassle free, worry free every time. It just WORKS. These are not “luxury” items. If you’re a working performer, these are required kit.

Matt Schick

I recently began using the Media Monkey remote system and could not be more in love with the functionality. As someone who has tried MANY Bluetooth and RF remotes for my show in the past, there is simply nothing as stable and reliable as the Media Monkey. The receiver sets up in seconds, and instantly you have a working remote to run your audio, video, lighting, and other media. The buttons have a great, firm tactile click which I can feel nicely through my pocket – a huge improvement over other remotes. If you are a working professional who runs your own media from onstage, this product is an absolute NEED.

Keith Kong

Audio Ape and Media Monkey are the pro solutions to self-cued a/v during your show. If you perform in colleges or similar venues, you know that sound technicians aren’t always available and when they are, resources are limited. My Media Monkey has helped me increase the production value that my clients receive in a quick and easy, self contained, way. The possibilities are endless and I can’t recommend these remotes highly enough.

Barry Friedman

Audio Ape… where were you the first 30 years of my performing career. This is BY FAR the most powerful weapon available in the fight against lame sound cue operators. I’ve never seen it burp – even once. The on-stage display of current and upcoming cue is like a warm fuzzy blanket. The outstanding control via remote buttons that feel and sound (love that little click) so professional gives me the confidence to know that the audience is going to hear what I want them to hear, when I want them to hear it.

Charles and his team must have poured their heart and soul into this creation. Everything about it is a 10+.

I especially like your test video where you drive over it. Haven’t tested that myself, but I have dropped it a few times (once by accident!).

Don’t mess around. You’ll buy this once and use it for the rest of your career. It’s a no-brainer.

Alan Chamo

My Name is Alan Chamo, I’m a professional Mentalist. I do lots of cruise shows. Every time I would come to a show I had to train a new guy and no matter how good he was, he will always miss a cue.

Looking for a solution I found Audio ape AKA Media Monkey and life on stage changed completely!
I’ve been using in for over 4 years (I still have the first version) and it never fails!

It’s super easy to control and no one notices I’m the one controlling the music. I became the favorite act for sound tech once they hear that the only thing they need to do is control the volume.

Customer service is amazing; By mistake, a sound tech plugged it to a source with phantom power and as a result, he killed the monkey. Audio ape was fast and got me a new one in a few days, no questions asked. (I think that the new version has a protection so this can’t happen any longer)

If you a professional entertainer that uses Music, video, and lights in your show, don’t think twice. Get your monkey to hit your cues on time every time!

Aaron Bonk

Audio Ape is the best remote I’ve ever used. For 3 years now it has never missed a single cue. The range is unbelieveable (it has worked through walls) and the reliability unrivaled. Audio Ape has taken my show to a whole new level of production and professionalism.

The Flaming Ginger

Before audio ape I used a Bluetooth watch to run my sound cues. The delay between play and the music starting was about a second, but that is a life time in a show.

Since I bought the audio ape my cues launch as soon as I click the button. And it pairs perfectly with the Go button app. And to top it all off you can hold forward or back to add extra hits.

I’ve tried 2 or three other remotes and nothing compares to the audio ape. I don’t have to worry about my cues anymore and can focus on my routines.

Jeff Civillico

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I honestly don’t know how I traveled and performed shows before this product. It’s so easy to use, so versatile. Audio Ape is a MUST for any serious entertainment professional..


Can’t imagine being without our Audio Ape. It saves time and hassles and our music cues are always at the right moment and in the right order. We do a ton of shows and it has never let us down. Love our Audio Ape!es.

Dominik Messiaen

Excellent quality and great support!

Gareth Sever

Audio Ape is an incredible product! We have been using it in our show, Buckets N Boards, since it came out, and we love it!!

Benjamin Kogut

I Highly recommend Audio Ape!

Louie Foxx

Byron Grey