Simple and reliable control of music, photo, and video cues.

Our Audio Ape music player is created for playing your music tracks during your show

Grab your Audio Ape app here. When you are ready for the industry’s BEST remote to pair with it, click here.

Audio Ape App

Audio Ape iOS app is the easiest and most stable show music app on the market. It’s designed to run with our Audio Ape remote but can be run manually with a finger touch as most remotes on the market. This app will handle all the basic needs of a live act.

  • Simple to use
  • Music, Photo, Video and Live Camera control
  • One-click fade out and wait
  • Superbly clear and large visuals
  • Move around your setlist with ease
  • Advanced options like OSC are enabled.

Using the free Audio Ape Pro app 

The 1 min video on how to create your show. 

30 second clips of what this app can do

Music Editing Features

Help Menu

Using The Hide Cue Feature

Smart Cue Load Playlist

Using Notes In Smart Cues

Live Cameras

Using Show Timers

Smart Cue To Change Volume

Using Smart Cues For Fade Out

Using Smart Cues For Pause & Unpause

Trimming and Editing Your Music

More in-depth videos on each topic.

Editing your playlists

Using the remote controller with the app

Editing music tracks

Editing photo cues

Editing video cues

Using Smart Cues


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