Apple, iPhone/ iPad Adapter

Apple, iPhone/ iPad Adapter

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If you have an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) that uses a Lightning cable to charge then (like the white cable pictured below) you will need to purchase this Apple iPhone/ iPad Adapter to use Audio Ape Pro.

Watch this video for complete instructions on using Audio Ape Pro with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

If you have a newer iPad Pro and it uses a USB C cable to charge (black cable on the right), then you will NOT need this adapter.

If you are using any other device, Mac, Andriod, PC, this adapter is NOT needed. This adapter is solely for Apple devices with a Lightning connector.

*This adapter is a genuine Apple product.

If you already have an adapter please make sure it's a genuine Apple product. Watch this video to make sure yours is.

Lighting Devices supported

iPhone Models supported

  • iPhone 5 or newer

iPad Models

  • iPad Pro any model
  • iPad Air Any Model
  • iPad mini Any Model
  • iPad 5th generation or newer

*iPad Pros with a USB C port instead of lighting don't require any adapter


USB C is pictured on the left and Apple Lightning is pictured on the right