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What is a Magnetic switch remote?

You can see a video of it in action here

A magnetic switch remote sometimes called an ankle switch, is used for hands-free music triggering during a stage performance. 

It works by strapping a magnet onto one ankle and on the other ankle a special remote that senses a magnetic field. When you bring the 2 together it triggers a button push on the special remote when you get close to that magnet.

This has been very useful when you don’t have your hands free because a prop is in your hands, or if you just want a more seamless experience by not having to put your hand onto your pocket to trigger your next cue.


The hands-free system features

#1 Four built-in sensitivity levels.

We realize every user wants a different level of sensitivity for triggering a hands-free ankle switch. Some want it triggered as easily as possible. Others want a very deliberate action needed to trigger the remote. With our built-in variable system no need to shop for the right magnet power or the perfect straps for your specific needs. With our hands-free system, it all comes built into the product for you.

#2 High-powered and low-weight neodymium magnet.

I remember my first magnetic remote setup. It was a bulky ceramic bar magnet. When I wore it, it felt like a 2x4 was strapped to my leg. This new Audio Ape magnetic switch includes a 1.5” square magnet that is 1/8” wafer thin. Over 95% lighter than previous versions.

#3 Padded and adjustable ankle straps for comfort in any size.

Comfort is key when using a product onstage. You want your brain to forget it’s there so you can focus on your show. Our system has a built-in neoprene padding for grip and comfort and adjustable velcro strap for simple and universal fit. Never has a mag switch been so lightweight and comfortable.

#4 Immediate integration with the stand-alone player.

Right out of the box it works seamlessly with the stand-alone player. While using the stand-alone player a magnetic trigger will start a song playing. If the magnetic switch is triggered during playback it will fade out and wait for that playing track. A secondary remote in a pocket will retain all the functions as before it will act no differently than before.

#5 Use with any app on iOS, Mac, PC, or Android

When assigning the remote presets using the Audio Ape’s touchscreen those profiles will make it so the magnetic switch is the same action as the center button. In this way, we will work quickly with your chosen app.

#6 Secret 6th button

You have 5 physical buttons on the magnetic remote’s face. However, the magnetic switch triggers a different command line… in essence giving you a 6th button! So you can assign that 6th button to be your main trigger, a sound effect, or any other action. All while retaining full control with the original handheld remote.

#7 Audio Ape App integration

Being the makers of our own app makes it so we can design a hand-in-glove experience with our hardware when we design apps. This next one is a great example of that prowess. If you are wanting to use the Audio Ape app simply go to the gear icon in the bottom right (master settings). Then toggle on “Magnetic switch” and your magnetic switch will now operate play and fade out as designed.