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Battery Bank

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Our Battery Bank is specifically selected for its features like USB A and C versatility, 18 Watt output, and its ability to not fall asleep even at a very low power draw.

Below are the 2 scenarios where you would want a battery bank.

1. You want to use Audio Ape Pro as a stand-alone music player without the need for wall power.

This fully charged battery bank using Audio Ape in standalone music player mode will have a runtime of over 10 hours!

2. You want to give your show device, iPad, Android, or Laptop extra battery reserves while using your Audio Ape Pro remote.

If your playback device (PC, Android, etc) can run off a USB or USB C power source then this battery bank will act as a wall power charger would. The battery bank runtime will vary greatly depending on how much your playback device draws.

The battery bank is 10,000mAh and has both USB C and A output and USB C input rated for up to 3A