Why Bluetooth Should Never Be Used To Control Your Show

Bluetooth has been a great invention for personal use. The use of Bluetooth in applications like headphones, syncing devices, or your car’s phone system are definitely modern conveniences. The little drop out or interference you will experience is slightly annoying but no big deal.

Now when Bluetooth is used in a live performance environment, where there is little room for error, you are over-stretching what Bluetooth was designed to do. You are using the wrong tool for the job. Aside from Bluetooth’s small range, you have many other obstacles to dodge. Something will go wrong, it’s just simple science. So let’s talk about why Bluetooth is prone to failure.

Definition of interference: The disruption of normal behavior and or operation.

So what can cause Bluetooth to fail you? This will surprise you, and if you can’t see the danger in you trying to run your show with Bluetooth, you are beyond help!

1. Home or commercial satellite dishes
These can leak RF and disrupt your bluetooth communication

2. Power sources
Outlets, power lines inside a wall or breaker box

3. 2.4 GHz cordless phones
Most cordless phones run in this range and often interfere with Bluetooth

4.Wireless RF video transmitters
These can be seen at live performance venues around the World and cause havoc for Bluetooth.

5. Wireless speakers
These are quite popular and are Bluetooth’s enemy

6.External monitors and LCD displays
These can emit harmonic interference especially in the 2.4GHz range, which is where Bluetooth operates.

7. Poorly shielded or insulated cables
Any compromised cables leak RF, and the delicate band Bluetooth walks on is likely to be disrupted.

8. Neighboring Wifi
Most wifi networks operate on 2.4GHz. Do you think your small Bluetooth controller will overpower a high range wifi network?

Let’s talk about Interference with physical barriers.
These common building materials are rated 1-10, with the number 10 representing the most blockage of your Bluetooth’s signal.





Glass 2
Wood 3
Brick 6
Plaster 7
Concrete 8
Metal 10

So why is Audio Ape’s RF better than a Bluetooth controller? I mean aren’t we susceptible to interference too.

Yes we are, but here’s the big difference.




Less crowded- Our Audio Ape RF band is much less crowded than Bluetooth’s 2.4 (which is literally everywhere)

The right tool (frequency) for the job- The particular frequency we chose for our Audio Ape remote is ideal for passing through walls and obstructions that Bluetooth will struggle with.

Paired connection not needed- Audio Ape does not require an established connection. If there’s interference on your Bluetooth controller pairing can drop and you can no longer send commands to your device. Our RF won’t kick you out of your connection… EVER!

Powerful range- This is the biggest reason we can overcome any interference (if it does happen to occur). Aside from our design being much more immune to outside interference, we are over 10 times as powerful as standard BT! This means Audio Ape can blast through interference and physical obstructions and get to your device every time and without fail!

Get the professional solution with Audio Ape remotes.

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