Using Live Camera Feeds In Your Show

Have you always wanted to use a live camera in your shows? Any of these reasons stop you?



The techniques in this video and more are going to be taught live hands-on in our masterclass, send us a message for access.

You: I don’t want to carry any more gear 

Me: We hear you, this solution is about the size of a pack of gum.

You: I don’t want to use a clunky video switcher 

Me: Our solution eliminates those relics.

You: I don’t want to spend more time at set-up 

Me: we’ve picked the fastest and most trouble free set-ups.

You: I don’t want to buy any software 

Me: You don’t have to, the live camera feature is available for free.

Do you want a higher grade of a camera than iPhone? You can use your DSLR any HDMI camera or even SDI broadcast quality cameras, we have you covered. All these solutions take a 1 USB and 1 HDMI cable and a piece of hardware about the size of a pack of gum.

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