Secrets Of My Success On America’s Got Talent.

An Exclusive Excerpt from 20 Insider Secrets from an America’s Got Talent Finalist

By: Charles Peacock | Owner | Audio Ape, Inc.

What do AGT Producers and Writers really want?

Here are the top 5 assets you can possess to serve the show these are listed 1 through 5 in order of importance

1.Story / Emotion: This will get you a featured cameo

2.Image / Looks: This will get you airtime

3.Danger: This will get you a highlight and possibly a cliffhanger before the commercial

4.Originality / Uniqueness: This will get respect (sometimes)

5.Talent / Execution: This will get you coming back (usually because of the judge’s comments associated with it)

Now let’s dig deeper into the top 5 assets you can bring to the show.

1. Story and emotion

This is number 1. The unfortunate thing is most professionals don’t have a good story. If you are a professional you are already making a living in show business. Well… people trying to become MORE successful in show business are not what the viewers are looking for and therefore not the kind of act AGT wants to showcase.

People watch this show because they live vicariously through the contestants. They watch them and think that person is like me. We all have an evolutionary need to procreate ourselves, the AGT viewer reaction is just an extension of that. Now you might Sind it stupid, we as professionals have that instinct too. We see a pro act and we want them to win because they represent our interests and who we are or want to be.

If you have no story, what should you do? Make up a story about how you supported your entire family since you were 4? AGT doesn’t like a story that can be easily disproved or not believed by the viewing public. I do know more than one person who made up an entire story and actually gets aired….

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