Pro Performer’s Notebook: Packing a Suit in a Carry-on

In the pro performer’s notebook, we’re going to bring you practical information that makes life as an entertainer easier.

One of the biggest sources of stress for many performers is travel. For many years I thought that I had to carry a separate suit bag to insure that my suits could be quickly steamed to look their best on stage. That’s a major additional burden (especially in the age of ever-rising baggage fees).

Here Anders Boulanger provides phenomenal tips — the right way to fold a suit and the right steamer to get it looking flawless when unpacked — for packing a suit so that you look your absolute best while not having to bring along a suit bag. I’ve used the method Anders shows here (from a private group for entertainers) on every trip since first watching this video — and have been delighted with the results.

The steamer mentioned by Anders (and which I use as well) is the ESTEAM Personal Handheld Steamer. I’ve found it does the job much more efficiently than steamers I’ve owned in the past.



Do you have tips for reducing the stress of travel, packing, and gigs? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll see you at show time!

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