How using Audio Ape’s show automation can help your career

I am going to share the 2 biggest keys to success in the live entertainment market

#1-Creating an amazing experience for your audience.

#2- Being easy to work with

These two keys will fully unlock your booking potential and make you a sought after act in show business

Let’s first look at #1

Creating an amazing experience for your audience

What makes a wonderful performance is the artist’s ability to take the audience away from their everyday lives or problems and immerse them in a magical journey where the ordinary World falls away. This is simply not possible if there are bumps in the road (missed cues). These interruptions in your show’s flow will jolt your audience out of their entranced state you are trying to create with your performance. A lot of bumps… and even the best of audiences, will get annoyed.

If you take control of your show, you’ll never have a missed cue sound cue again. Often the unexpected happens onstage, like a prop breaking, a difficult volunteer or you need to shorten your show length. Well since you have control you can easily side step these unexpected obstacles. If you are anything like me you know your show better than anyone, so who better to control it than you!

When you start using the Audio Ape remote system, you will not only get these benefits, but when you are un-tied from relying on a sound man, your use on how to utilize music and sound in your show expands greatly. A self-run show is the only way to have 100% freedom and certainty on when your cues fire.

Let’s talk about #2 Being easy to work with

Using a 100% reliable self-cue system, makes you a dream to work with.

We have all worked with sound techs that are super helpful and ready to help make your show the best it can be. We’ve all seen the surly ones too and you can sense it as soon as you first talk with them. Well now your sound tech’s temperament doesn’t matter, because thanks to the Audio Ape remote system their role in running your cues is now eliminated.

When you don’t have to rehearse with your techs you don’t take up anyone’s time (including your own). Yes good sounds techs want to help you create a great experience for the audience. It’s even better though if you can achieve that effect, without having to spend time going over cues… I can guarantee, you will be loved by all of your sound techs.

Running on a tight schedule is an incredibly stressful thing in a performer’s life. Have you ever showed up to a rehearsal when everything is running late and your tech time is reduced or even gone completely? Maybe your flight was delayed and you had to sprint and rush to get to your venue 10 mins before curtain goes up! Lord know it’s happened to me. Being ready to go onstage fast while under tight scheduling makes you highly valuable in a your team’s eyes. Controlling your own show is the only way to get up and onstage fast, and save the night!

You can now see why controlling your own sound is a primary weapon in your arsenal. Run your show the way you envision it with Audio Ape remotes!

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