How Show Automation Took My Show To The Next Level

I remember first inching my way into the show automation arena.

My show is my life’s work and my baby, relying on a new piece of electronics was risky. If you are thinking the same, I get it, I was there too. Once I actually put the show automation gear into my show, it took one show and I was hooked. In fact I don’t know of anyone that has used show automation and decided to return to trusting and teaching a sound man every time they do a show. No one in their right mind goes backwards to tech rehearsals, it just doesn’t happen.

I have always been an early adopter. After I have researched a lot and I see no holes in the gear’s reviews, construction or user experience only then I am willing to try out a new piece of gear. I love new ideas and technology. When they are perfectly combined… to me that is art. However instead of hanging this art on the wall, you use it to make your life easier and open a new doors and ideas for your show.

I have used good show automation on national television, for an arena show of 17,000 people along with hundreds of my standard theater shows. Other show automation products were always lacking somewhere though. Weakness would show up in some aspect such as, poor range, confusing or unstable software, bad remote design, loss of connectivity, poor quality of hardware. All show automation products on the market today have two or more of these flaws. This is why I created Audio Ape. To 100% succeed where all others fall short.

I didn’t care how much it cost to build, I only cared about one thing, that it was built perfectly. Being a road warrior and pro performer myself I felt the pain of my fellow artists. I wanted to help them take their show to new heights. As an artist my goal is to create something wonderful for others to enjoy, thus Audio Ape was born.

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