Disney and Audio Ape’s White Glove Service

Have you been caught needing a crucial piece of gear for a big performance? One of our newest customers did. 

In less than 24 hours veteran act Johnathan Burns had a show with Disney Cruises and he had no show remote system. His old system (which he was wanting to replace with our Audio Ape system anyway) was accidentally left at home.

Right about when he was going to go into full panic mode he saw I was joining the same Disney ship the same day he was. He sent me a message through the site and asked if he could get a personal white glove delivery of our Audio Ape remote to his room on the Disney ship.

Thankfully, I got his message the night before I left and was able to pack an extra system and hand deliver it once I got onboard. He immediately put it in his show that night and everything ran flawlessly for him and his Disney audience. 

As entertainers we all look out for each other, and I do everything I can to make sure Audio Ape has your back.

See you at showtime!


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