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Update on Audio Ape Pro Shipping 

We all know COVID has ruined so many things, and it IS coming to an end... but first, it has thrown one last curveball at Audio Ape Pro.

I am here to give everyone a clear and honest report on where we are at.

If you aren’t aware yet the COVID crisis has created a worldwide shortage of computer parts. If you read this article you’ll see companies like Apple are going to lose 4-5 billion in sales this 1/4 alone due to the shortage.

This crisis is affecting small companies (like Audio Ape) and tech giants like Apple, Ford, and Samsung. 

Now don't be scared when you read the crisis can last for 2 years.  The good news is Audio Ape purchased all that we needed to build 400 units back in Oct 2020, ahead of the crisis.


The bad news is our CPU part keeps getting delayed. Originally I was told Jan 2021 when I ordered it in Oct. Just now I got an updated time of June 7th, 2021 (thanks again COVID).


As soon as we get our hands on these chips (hopefully June 7th) we will get the finished units in the mail to our customers within 2-3 weeks.

Again as bad as this sounds, I feel like we are lucky as I was so early to purchase components. As companies are currently dealing with up to 2-year delays. 1-2 months doesn't seem nearly as bad.


Okay, the bad news is over with, let’s talk about some better news now.

We at Audio Ape aren't sitting on our monkey butts just waiting for that one part to arrive. The extra time we've been gifted allowed us at Audio Ape to move our timeline forward almost a year on the amazing show software we’ve been developing.

Hundreds of programming hours have gone into totally rebuilding our Audio Ape Pro music app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPad Pro.

We are going to debut the new app on a live FB session. You can click here to sign up and be part of it. Don't forget to click on the "Get Reminder" button like in the picture below.

Yes, there will be a replay living on FB... but if you attended live we will gift those in attendance an exclusive early release of the new app.



More good news!

Free Pro Carry Case for all our pre-order customers.

The new Pro carry case is better than the previous one we sold. The new one has a custom foam cut-out for securing the remote and receiver. Plus a huge zipper compartment that can hold 2 spare remotes, a DI Box, all your cables, and adapters all in one case.


Well, that's all we have to report. Any news on delays or accelerated timelines will be shared with you via email with 100% transparency.


We do have another big secret we are keeping in our pocket... we'll share it with this mailing address first before the units ship.

Our 5% sale is extending until June 2021


This mailing list will always get the latest news and updates before it hits social media or any other outlet.

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